Varda’s mission is to be a customer-centric cannabis retailer, a wholesome environment where members of the community can comfortably, discreetly and safely purchase cannabis to enjoy its many proven salutary effects.

Our Story

Tony Fong and Leonard Wang have been friends and business partners in other ventures for many years. In 2019, they came together with an idea of a new concept for cannabis retail stores. Tony and Leonard envisioned a cannabis retail store that is responsible, transparent, one that works hand in hand with the cities they operate in, one that engages the surrounding communities, and one that genuinely tries to make a positive impact on the community through giving back to nonprofit organizations, community groups, and public agencies.

            Their vision turned into Varda – a premium cannabis retailer coming soon to Pasadena. We look forward to serving you and the community.

Our Team


Tony Fong is a co-owner of Varda and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Tony is a veteran of the cannabis industry having worked as a subject matter expert and consultant in the Los Angeles cannabis industry since 2006. He is also a partner and State registered owner of 10 licensed commercial cannabis businesses throughout Southern California including three retailers, two cultivations, two manufacturing, two distribution and one nursery. Tony currently resides in Pasadena. He attended Pasadena Community College and graduated from Cal Poly Pomona.

Tony is a founding member of the United Cannabis Business Association and is also a member of Americans for Safe Access, the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the Pomona Chamber of Commerce.

Leonard Wang is a co-owner of Varda and serves as its Chief Operating Officer. Leonard has extensive experience in the cannabis industry having founded and operated Nature’s Cure, a State licensed cannabis retail store and cultivation in Los Angeles from 2007 to 2017. Since 2013, Leonard has consulted for several cannabis retail stores, cultivations and manufacturers. He is passionate about cultivating and has transitioned from cultivations to providing equipment to successfully cultivate. Together with Tony, Leonard founded and operates Hydroponic City, an e-commerce retail hydroponics store selling products for cultivating cannabis for commercial and personal use from grow lights and nutrients to HVAC systems and odor prevention equipment. Leonard resides in the San Gabriel Valley and attended Cal Poly Pomona.